Like all of the greats, Lynch started early. When he was 3, he discovered KISS, a band that was to become his greatest inspiration: “They changed my life,” he says, and four years later, he attended his first KISS concert at the age of 7. He has been involved in rock music from that point up to the present day, where he currently occupies the drum throne behind Boston music luminary Dave Minehan for the similarly luminous band The Neighborhoods.

It wasn't all just “Lynch is born, hears KISS, joins huge rock band,” either; he studied drums at Berklee under local maestro Dave DiCenso. Lynch has been onstage in over eight different countries, keeping the beat behind big names such as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones' Joe Gittleman and the aforementioned Dave Minehan. Playing drums in Gittleman's power trio Avoid One Thing, he has been on some pretty big stages as well, opening for bands such as Flogging Molly, Alkaline Trio, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the Dropkick Murphys.

Influences such as John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Keith Moon, Peter Criss, and more shine through every time Lynch takes a seat behind his drum kit. Lynch's playing speaks volumes for drummers who impact the sound of their band, changing it for the better rather than simply providing the steady and explosive beat that he is capable of producing. Recognized by local artists and companies alike, Lynch is endorsed by Zildjian, Vater, and Head First Custom Bass Drum Heads. In early 2006, Lynch will have played the VANS Warped Tour, the SXSW showcase, and many other prestigious rock events. Whenever something important is going down, John Lynch is the man behind the drum kit.

C.D. Di Guardia